Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glorious Autumn Colours

Victoria and I went on our annual walk around the neighbourhood taking pictures oi the wonderful colours of Autumn. When I told my Mum that Autumn has arrived she kind of groaned and said oh but that means that winter is coming. I said you cant think of it that way because Autumn is so short that you have to just stop and enjoy it. You cant think about all the annoyances that the snow can bring because all of a sudden Autumn will be over and you will have spent the whole time griping. It is definitely a season that I cherish and it teaches me every year to just stop and take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is around us. The smells, the colours, the cozy feeling of just wearing a jacket and being just warm enough. Aaaaah the Autumn.

This picture above was taken around the corner and down the street across from Victoria's school. There are definitely benefits to living in the country.

I was showing Megan the pictures that we took the other day and she was laughing at me saying that look just like the ones I took last year. I guess I didnt think of it that way. I was just taking pictures of the pretty stuff. I bet if I did look back at the pictures I took on our walk last year that alot of them would be similar. Here is the girl who just started taking photography at school and would be the one to point that out hehe.

I have no idea what this plant is but its growing in the ditch in front of our house. I seem to remember that the spikey things on top were filled with little purple flowers. I bet my mum would know what it is. I just think it looks cool and it feels funky to touch it.

I had to include these vibrant yellow maple leaves. This tree is at the top of our street. It gives the best pile of crunchy leaves to stomp through. Although we cant forget the cardinal rule. Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.

There are alot of these bushes around. I never notice them until they turn red. Isnt that funny? I love the colour and how the leaves all hang down in perfect lines.

Victoria had fun on our walk and she was happy just to be outside. She is my nature girl. All this Autumny weather makes me want to make a pie for some reason hehe. Perhaps I will have to attempt one this weekend.

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