Monday, October 26, 2009

Lots Of Finished Projects Last Week

I was on a mission to get things finished last week. Hopefully I can keep that momentum up this week. I finished this yellow baby blanket a couple of months ago but it had been waiting to be blocked since then. I finally got to it and blocked it last week. I dont know why but before every blocking I think its not going to do much and its a waste of time. Every time the blocking is done I think Im so glad I blocked it because it looks so much better. Perhaps its because blocking can be a long pinning process but its totally worth it in the end. I should of taken a before blocking picture. This blanket looked ok before blocking but it was kind of all squished up and you couldnt see the cables as well. Now its a nice big rectangle with the cables looking really pretty and for some reason it feels softer.

This blanket was knit with an italian yarn that is 52% Merino and 48% Acrylic so it has the softness of merino wool but it can be put in the wash. Great stuff and now very hard to find. I ended up with one ball of yellow left over from this project and made myself a pair of ankle socks. I have been living in them ever since.

Here is Victoria modeling the snowman hat that I made for the craft show in December. It is knit with yarn that I unravelled from a soft cotton Gap jumper. Joe helped me out with the snowman face as I was having trouble getting the right size for his carrot nose. Three noses later and here he is.

With more of the cotton yarn I made two panda hats. One hat was for the craft show and the other hat is for Megan. We had seen panda hats online last winter and I promised I would make her one. These panda hats are my own version. I found a free online program that turns any picture into a knitting design. I found a real panda photo uploaded it to this program and then printed out a sheet of knitting grid paper. I then tried out many different panda faces on the grid paper. It changed even while I was stitching it on until I finally got something I liked. He needed ears so I had to figure out how to make good panda ears. I knitted them in the round so I didnt have to seam them together. Its funny because as I was finishing up these panda hats Megan didnt know one was for her and she was begging to have one. Now of course Victoria has seen them and wants one too. I guess I am making another panda hat.

This week I am making a fluffy black cat for a custom order I received last week. He will be a modified version of the fuzzy bunny in my Etsy shop. This is going to be one fancy kitty with a rhinestone collar. I will have to post pictures when she is done.
I am also working on some knitted toys for another Etsy shop that approached me about selling wholesale. So I finished a baby monkey yesterday and Im now working on another Marcel Mouse with a fuzzy bunny and a lamb to follow. All this while trying to get more stuff made for the craft sale and to add to Knitted For Ewe. Things are looking very knitty busy around here.


Mami Made It said...

OMG, I love the snowman hat. What a great idea. The hat is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

the hat is nice what you made

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Yola said...


I've been looking for months for a panda-hat like that! I've seen one on the internet (from River Island, Katy Perry was wearing it) and wanted to buy it, but they don't stock it anymore. They do have another panda hat, but its not as cute as the one from last year. So since it's out of stock, i dediced to make one myself. But i cand find the knitting patern anywhere. I also can't knit actually..

I was wondering if u could make me a panda-hat aswell? Ofcouse i will pay you. I'm an adult sized 21-year old girl and live in the Netherlands.

I would love to hear from you,


my email is:

sewingnutz said...

Hi, Love your panda hat! Was wondering if you keep the pattern that you created and whether you'd be willing to share.