Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last week Megan had her first Homecoming dance. She was very excited about this dance. How do I know she was excited about this dance? Because she has been talking about it for a year hehe. Its not to often we see Megan in a dress so I definitely had to get photos. She picked her favourite colour at the moment, purple. I think she did a good job picking. She went with her friends dress shopping so I had no idea what she would come home with.

Then came the shoe shopping because sneakers and clogs just werent going to cut it hehe. I was a bit nervous about Megan wearing high heels. She has trouble not tripping with no shoes on let alone with high heels on. So off we went shopping for shoes. She got these silver heels that werent too high with a type of figure 8 that has sparklies on them. We figured silver was better than black. She got ready at her friend Brittany's house but I made sure she stopped home for some photos first before going off and dancing the night away. Apparently lots of fun was had and they are probably counting down the days until the next dance in January. Here's where having girls is going to get expensive.

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