Friday, September 4, 2009

Favourite Etsy Shop Friday

Favourite Etsy Shop Feature

Namaste Glass

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a work from home mom with Namaste Glass being one of my full time jobs (mama being the first full time job).

Most of my days consist of working in the office, maintaining our websites, filling orders,
designing jewelry, shipping orders, talking with buyers, marketing fun, etc. I try to balance doing this while raising and homeschooling our, soon to be, 6 year old son. It works out well, (most days) he plays around the house and outside, engaging at times in what I am doing or waiting, unwillingly, for me to get done so we can get out and have an adventure. I am also a massage therapist, so I see clients several times a week, that is where I get a lot of my peace and quiet time.
My husband, Matt, is the artist and main creative force behind Namaste Glass. We work together on
a daily basis in all aspects of what we do. Except that he's on the torch mostly and I rarely get a chance to get in the studio and blow glass with him. Together we balance out daily work and traveling to shows while teaching our son about the world we live in.

2. What made you decide to open your shop and why Etsy?

Namaste Glass has been our passion and our living for 10 years now, we believe in handmade items
and the ability to make a living doing what you love. Getting a shop on Etsy is an extension of this philosophy, being involved with an interactive community of artists in that platform is very inspiring. We primarily sell our knitting needles on our Etsy site, so it is a great outlet for that item, tools that other people can create with.

3. Other than Etsy, where else do you sell your knitting needles?

We have a knitting industry geared site that is This is where we sell many other styles of knitting needle, as well as crochet hooks, buttons and shawl pins. We also sell them at the many festivals that we do each year as Namaste Glass,

4. How did you choose your shop name?
The word Namaste has universal appeal and the meaning is based around the premise of peace. We chose this
word to represent our company 10 years ago so we continued to work with it on Etsy.

5. What are your other favourite things to do?

I think my very favorite thing to do is going to our local coffee place and getting some morning joe, but I can't do that
every day, just Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and maybe Saturdays~ I love hiking, doing yoga. I enjoy thrift store shopping, creating home crafts, and often re-arranging my living environment. I love getting in the garden and growing food as well. My favorite is eating the bounty!

6. What inspires you?

Colors mostly, I am very moved by the color of something. Right now I love a deep, turqouise blue.
My sons imagination inspires me. That and his age, trying to experience things through his eyes and having fun in those
moments. It's something that I don't have to think about, just do and that frees me up in other ways, that's inspiring!

7. Which knitting needle is your most popular?

The Amper/Purple nail by far! Long time favorite and best seller. The Amber/Purple color is rich and multi-hued.
It has this amazing ability to pick up the color that is around it.

8. What other things do you make out of glass and which do you enjoy the most?

We make glass belt buckles, which are definitely both of our favorites. They are stylish, functional and something we put
a lot of time and energy into creating. We also create many pendants and jewelry items, including earrings and rings. We make a wonderful line of stemless wine glasses and wine bottle stoppers for our functional housewares collection, which includes mugs (also a favorite that I use every day) and coffee stirrers. All of these things out of glass! Handblown Pyrex glass has lots of potential~

9. What handmade possession do you cherish?
The artwork in our home that was done by friends. We are fortunate to know a lot of creative people. Currently we have
6 pieces (paintings/drawings) hanging in our home done by 5 different friends, they are all amazing and are possessions that have a lot of meaning to me.

10. Name 3 other Etsy shops you love to visit.

CGcre8tive - My friends handcrafted purse line, she does really great work with beautiful materials.

persimmonjewelry - Gracie creates bright, bold and beautiful jewelry that is truly one of a kind.

JenGillette - Upcycled clothes that are adorable and fun!

I would like to thank Namaste Glass for taking part in my Favourite Etsy Shop Feature this week. Dont you just love the look of their knitting needles. Even if you dont knit I think they would be wonderful to own. Being a knitter I would love to find out what its like to knit with glass needles. I will have to check out their other websites now and see all these other glass items they have mentioned. If you have enjoyed this feature take a look at their Etsy shop and see all the other glass needles they have there.