Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Megan Turned 15 Today!

Today was a big occasion. My little Meggy turned 15. At 11.15pm on September 29th 1994 a little person came into my life and changed it forever. She has made it an interesting and amusing ride ever since. I have included a few pictures of my girl throughout the years. This first picture was taken when Victoria was just little so she was probably about 10 years old here.

In this picture above she is about 12 years old. 15 seemed like so far away then. How sweet and innocent she looks hehe.

In this picture she was about 13. I think this was when the obsession with funky socks and Johnny Depp movies started.

This picture just reminds me of Megan alot because she is always reading. She has loved reading ever since I can remember. Even when she was a baby she treated her books like they were gold. Turning pages carefully even at 1 years old. She picked up a book at 6 years old and said Here Mum I am going to read this to you and then proceeded to read the whole book to me. I was amazed.

And look here she is today. Still as crazy as ever. I had to include this photo to show of her crazy side and let me tell you it comes out all the time. Megan is the one that says all the classic one liners that make you laugh even years later. If you ask anyone who has met her they will have a Megan story that will make you laugh. She is even funny when she is laughing. The Home Alone movie was only funny when watching it with Megan because she would laugh at that movie until she couldnt breathe which would make everyone else laugh. At 2 years old we took her with us when we were visiting my grandmother in the hospital. Here was Megan going from bed to bed just cheering up all the other patients and brightening their day. That is who she is.

This photo was taken on our recent trip to Niagara Falls. She is here with her Aunt that we call The Clones. They get together and are alike in so many ways. Even after years of being apart the sameness was still there. It still amazes me.

Here is my Megan with her beautiful smile. I just dont know what I would do without this girl in my world. She is truly a wonderful human being and I am very proud to call her my daughter. She is smart, talented, kind, caring, polite, funny, goofy, athletic, hard working and all around amazing. I hope she knows these things about herself. I have always had a feeling that she will do something big to make the world a better place. I dont know what she we be when she grows up but I just know she tries her hardest every day to be the best that she can be and to be happy and that is all I have ever wanted. So thank you Megan for just being you and I hope you had a great birthday.

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