Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photos From A Kids Eye View

I decided I need to show off some photos taken by Olivia my 3 year old niece and Victoria my 6 year old daughter. Its so great to get images of how they see things. They do a pretty good job of taking pictures I think. The first photo about was taken by Olivia. It is one of my most favourite photos of all time. She took this of her dog Reggie. It makes me giggle every time I see it.

This next photo is what Niagara Falls looks like when your 3. Olivia took this picture and it made me realize you cant really see a whole lot from her height hehe.

This is what Niagara Falls looks like when your 6. She can more over the railing being alot taller so maybe thats why she became hooked on taking a picture of every waterfall she saw. I think Victoria did a great job. I wasnt sure how the pictures she took would turn out but they look great. Another budding photographer in the family.

The girls were sitting on a rock giggling at Niagara Falls. I thought they were just looking at the camera but apparently they were taking photos. Dont you just love how close up and smiley they are. This was a rare moment of them getting along. We cherished these moments hehe.

Here are the two photographers themselves. They look like angels dont they. Dont let the cute smiley faces fool you hehe.

It just occured to me as I was typing this out that I should have included some Megan photos. She has her own camera as well. She wants to be a photographer when she grows up and is still a kid. I guess I will have to add some Megan photos to my next post. Lets see the world through the eyes of an almost 15 year old, there alot photos of herself and her friends making goofy faces. Yep that pretty much says it all hehe.

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