Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh My Gosh Its Going To Be A Crazy Week!

Just jumping on here to say Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!
This week is going to be crazy. Tomorrow Victoria and I are off to the zoo for her Kindergarten class trip. I just looked up the weather and it says rain so I have my fingers crossed they are wrong which wouldnt be unusual. Victoria just went to the zoo on Saturday with her Grandpa and cousins, the same zoo so I hope she wont be bored. They were suppose to got a while ago and the trip kept getting put off so they ended up going close to when we are going. When we get back from the zoo we are suppose to go to a Girl Scout meeting which is suppose to be the last one, its a special ceremony so we kinda have to go. Victoria will be pooped that day.

This Sunday the 21st is Victoria's 6th birthday. I cant believe my baby will be 6. She is very excited. Well this year we were slow to get organized. Today I have to go and check we can get the park for Sunday and then start calling everyone I can think of and invite them. It just so happens that Father's Day is on the 21st this year so we have Victoria's birthday and Father's Day on the same day. Joe has already decided it wont be possible to make the day special for him and Victoria but I am out to prove him wrong. I have a present idea that I think he will like and I am getting Victoria to start making him something special. It should be a crazy fun day. To top it all off she wants a cake that I will have to make. These are the times when I wish she had her grandma here. She is the cake maker not me. I am also at the mercy of Victoria's imagination so it will be very interesting. You will have to wait and see what it will be. Let me tell you there will be no other cake like it hehe.

I also have a Summer Reading meeting on Thursday and I am painting trim in Megan's room and getting the house clean for the visitors we will probably have this weekend.

An exciting thing that will be happening this week is we are probably getting packages from Australia this week from my family. This is always exciting. The anticipation is crazy. Not only is it Victoria's birthday on the 21st but my birthday is on the 24th so presents galore. Yay!

June is always so busy but it always sneaks up on me and it feels like a mad rush. It just occured to me that the girls will be done with school next week and summer holidays will be upon us. I better get the boxing gloves out for Victoria and Megan hehe.

Stay tuned this week because I will be adding another felted bag to my shop. I just took photos yesterday and hope to add it tonight. I love this bag. Its one of my favourites.

I have also selected the shop that I hope to be featuring this Friday. This shop has been a favourite for a long time. Stay tuned for that one.

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