Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Baby Girl Is Now 6

On Sunday my baby girl Victoria turned 6 years old. It also happened to be the same day as Fathers Day. We had a party at the park crossing our fingers and hoping the rain would stop as it had been raining for about 4 days straight. Well I think the finger crossing helped because it didnt rain on Sunday and the sun came out half way through the day. They kids had a great time just playing on the playground equipment. We were prepared with all sorts of under the pavilion games and only ended playing one. The old classic pass the parcel never fails. Although the funny thing was all the adults thought that I had invented this great new game. We played pass the parcel at every birthday party that I remember as a kid. Is this an Australian thing? Maybe it is.

Can you see these fabulous cakes that we made. Victoria was the ideas girl, Megan and I just made it happen. Thank goodness for my mum sending the very cute cupcake stand for my birthday in the mail last week. If fit in perfectly. Victoria is my little hippy chick. She loves smiley faces, peace signs and everything rainbow. She just discovered tie dyed shirts last month and is in love hehe. She was born at the wrong time I think.

The icing was very bright as you can see and the kids just loved the fact that is changed their whole mouth a new colour. Thankfully it didnt last long. I was wondering what parents would think.

Here is the birthday girl blowing out the number 6 candle. She was very anxious to blow the candle out. I had to put my hand up in front of it so she wouldnt blow it out before we sang Happy Birthday. Oh one thing about the blowing out of the candle, it almost didnt happen. Silly me brought everything but the kitchen sink to the park but had forgotten something to light the candle. Luckily someone who was playing basketball nearby saved the day. I couldnt believe it. The only other thing that was missing was the butterscotch popcorn. I simply ran out of hours. It all worked out in the end.

Here is Victoria and her big cheesy grin. She had just finished off a cupcake and you can see some lovely black icing on her lips hehe. She is also wearing one of her favourite shirts. She saw this shirt and she just had to have it. Note the fact that it matches the cake. You cant see them but it has more smiley faces and peace signs all over it. Oh and hair done by big sister Megan. They were getting along this day. Actually they have been getting along since Victoria asked me the day before her birthday if she was acting 6 yet and I told her not quite. You see when you are 6 you are nice to your sister, you dont say mean things and by the time you are 6 you should be done arguing. She pondered this for a while and ever since about a half an hour after that they have been getting along wonderfully. How long will it last?

Here she is enjoying the see saw. A newly discovered favourite at the park. As tradition would have it, its hilarious when her butt bangs on the ground on these things hehe.
I have to give a shout out to my husband and older daughter Megan for all their help in getting this all together. Everything was a success and everyone had a good time. It wasnt bad for only a week of planning and on a holiday.

Now for the next birthday.......my 33rd birthday is tomorrow on the 24th.
Happy Birthday to me!

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Wonderful work Nicole