Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He's A Small Bear With A Big Problem

I finished the bear for Victoria's teacher last night. I cant believe that he is finally done. His name is Christopher. This is the bear that I hope will be off to his new home soon because all I see when I look at him is the big ol' mistake that I made when seaming him together. His nose is where his neck is and his neck is where his nose is. This is not a good look for him. It also makes him a little bit stuck up, a little bit snobby. Now I feel the need to remake him and redeem myself. I have some wonderful Elite yarn that is 50% wool and 50% cotton that would be perfect for the job. You may be seeing another bear like this in the future.

I took these photos outside today because it was such a nice sunny day and we got a our first flowers of the season blooming. These cute little orange flowers. I have no idea what sort they are but they are cute and we are excited that they bloomed. At the end of last Summer I thought I had dug up all the flowers so we could start planting a fresh new set of different flowers this year. Well apparently our garden had other plans and is here to stay. We have flowers that all ready to pop open with pretty flowers that are from the original seeds we planted 2 years ago. Its lucky that were determined because I didnt really get a chance to get any new seeds and our garden would be bare. I will definitely be taking more flower photos with each new flowers we have show up. I just love to take nature pictures. We have alot of poppies that will be blooming soon which is wonderful because I was kind of feeling sad that I was digging them up last year. We loved our poppies.

In this naked photo of Christopher you can see the back of his head. You can see how it narrows and comes to a point. That would be where his nose is hehe. Oh well, definitely wont make that mistake again and it gives him character.

Victoria got off the school bus today while I was taking bear photos and just had to get her picture taken with him.

I have started seaming up the fancy alpaca yarn bear. I can see this is going to take a while. I am working on putting her body together which is the biggest part. Hopefully the other pieces wont take as long or maybe its just me taking my time so I dont get it wrong.

Today I have been putting together my first Featured Etsy Seller for Friday. I am really excited about showing it off. You will have to stay tuned to find out who it is. I decided it would be more interesting to hear straight from the shop itself so I put together ten questions and sent them to my shop of choice. Its interesting to me to find out how other Etsy sellers got started and how they go about doing things especially when its a shop that I love. So dont forget to check back in on Friday to read my interview with this fabulous shop.

Oh another thing I did yesterday was sign up for an Etsy group. They have all sorts of Etsy groups you can join for the craft of your choice. I am now a proud member of the EtsyKnitters. I am excited to learn more about the group and be able to connect with other knitters.

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sannand said...

He might have a problem, but he's still very, very cute!