Thursday, June 4, 2009

A New Idea Coming

I was thinking the other day that I have so many favourite shops on Etsy that I would love to tell the world about them. So from now on each Friday, starting with next Friday, I am going to be showing and talking about a different favourite Etsy shop. I always finding new Etsy shops with great products in them so why not share my favourites with the world. I am going to contact the shop before talking about them on this blog and giving them a heads up. Sooooo stay tuned for that one.

For a while today the weather was kind of warm and spring like so I sat outside with some coffee and a magazine sitting in our comfy feet up fold out chair. It felt very decadent. That is why I added some pretty flower pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago to signify the spring day we had. While sitting out in our backyard I became very aware of the very many critters who seemed to be enjoying our backyard as well. I discovered a very chattery squirrel was spying on me and many different bird calls were going on. It seems I was the talk of the town. Somewhere off in the distant a kitty was meowing and it seemed like everything was a buzz. It kind of made me chuckle. Im looking forward to more warm days outside. Now we just need one of those hammocks with the stands and it would be perfect.

I mentioned in my last post about seaming together the fancy alpaca yarn bear that I have knit. Well the weekend came and I thought I would start seaming it together. Then it occured to me that that wouldnt be fair to start seaming this bear when there was this other poor bear who has been sitting around waiting to be put together since before Christmas. So I am finishing off this bear first. This bear is suppose to be a present for Victoria's teacher because the end of the school year is fast approaching at the end of this month. I had started seaming this bear together and then stopped because I had seamed the head wrong. I started to undo the head part and had put it down. Well when I came back to it, it had been so long I thought I was done undoing it and had been putting it back together. I finish seaming the head add the eyes because they were safety eyes and then realised that it was indeed never fixed. So now this bear has some head issures. The part where the nose should be is now the back of the neck and the back of the neck is the nose. Its all very weird and annoying. I am trying to just get him done and out of here so I dont have to look at his odd head anymore hehe. I now feel like I need to do this pattern again to redeem myself. He just needs his overalls seamed up and then he will be finished. I will definitely have to show you pictures of this poor little bear when he is completed. I guess I will just have to chalk it up to character hehe.

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