Thursday, October 9, 2008

All Sorts Of Businessy Stuff Happening Today

I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with my Etsy shop today. They money order my mum sent cleared yesterday so today I was on a business buying frenzy.
I paid for my wonderful stamp which I cant wait to see and use. I ordered and paid for my Thank You cards. I ordered and paid for my business cards (Yay!) and lastly I got into discussions with the lady who is making my promotional buttons and magnets. She is busy this weekend so on Monday will start putting the design together for those. Tomorrow we are going shopping and I can buy the circle cutter and cutting mat for the tags and all the stuff that I wanted to get will be all set to go. Its all very exciting. I can finally put some life into my shop and get going on this scary but exciting ride I have jumped on.

I am working on two things at the moment knitting wise. I am at the seaming stage of the cream bunny pyjama bag with red accents. I need to get some new red yarn to do the eyes and nose. It should be finished this weekend. I also just started on knitting a duck. The pattern comes from the Knitted Toys book that I made the piggy from. Its actually knitting up quite quickly. I am using some yarn I forgot I had. Its always nice to make a project that you can just use things that you already have and not have to buy anything extra for it.

On the home front there have been some spooky things happening around here. Just today I was using the computer while Joe was sleeping. He popped his head out of the room and asked me if I had just said something. I said no and he asked me if I was sure looking very confused. I said I am just here using the computer, why? He said that he had just heard someone saying his name and then when he turned over thinking I had given up trying to get his attention, it felt like someone was shaking the bed trying to get his attention. Well it wasnt me and I was the only one here. He still thinks I was just messing with him but I swear it wasnt me.
We were talking about this at dinner and Megan said that last week she was up in the morning getting ready for school and she thought I was up and calling Hello to her but it wasnt me, I was sleeping.
Last month Joe came home in from work in the morning as usual. Megan was just about to leave for school. He noticed the kitchen windows and the bathroom looked all steamy like it gets when someone has just had a shower. He asked Megan if she had had a shower and she said she didnt which I believe she didnt because she waits until soccer practice after school.
To top it all off, last weekend I went to get a new battery put in a watch that I hadnt used in over a year. It ended up that I couldnt get the battery put in. I wore the watch out that day so I wouldnt forget to get the battery put in. I knew it definitely wasnt working. After I found out I couldnt get the battery put in that day we shopped around a little more and I happened to look at my watch, not only was my watch now working but it was on the exact right time.
Doesnt all this just send shivers down your spine? Who knows. We live in a house that was built in the late 1800's so I am always telling Joe you cant have a house this old and not have some sort of leftover stuff hanging around. The longer we live here the more these stories keep popping up.

Well now that I've officially freaked everyone out I better sign off because even though the girls have the day off school tomorrow Victoria will still be up at 7am (grrrr).

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