Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some Yarn And Some Flowers

We went shopping at a place called Big Lots last weekend which is this big shop that has everything you can think of but cheaper. They dont really have a craft section but they have a few tubs of this really obscure yarn that you never see anywhere else. The bonus of this yarn is it only costs $1 a ball. The next two pictures are of the 4 balls of yarn I picked up that day. Im not sure what I will do with them but I love the colours and the fluffiness. The pastel pink and yellow looks like it belongs on a baby blanket or something. They second lot which has magenta, fuchsia and lime green in it, looks like a scarf or part of a bag. Something stylish because the colours really pop. I did see some cool fluffy orange that would go well for pillows in Megan's room but I thought I would get some of those another time. They had plenty of it.

I always said when we moved out of our crappy old house the first thing I wanted in our real house was to make a garden. Now I had no idea how I was going to make a garden but I figured what was the worst that could happen when trying. The hard part was the house we moved into had absolutely no garden so wherever we wanted a garden we had to dig it all out from scratch. This was alot harder than I thought it would be. My helpers dropped like flies and I ended up out there for hours digging by myself apart from Victoria's sometimes worm hunts she would go on. So I planted a 3 strips of Wildflower Cottage Garden Mix seeds having no idea what was going to come up because they dont even tell you on the box apart from a small photo. We were all very excited when things started to grow. I was very vigilant in my keeping the soil moist as the box said and things kept growing. The only problem was there were no pretty flowers. Everyone elses garden had flowers and to quote various people who visited our house, our garden looked like weeds. Where were the pretty flowers from the photo on the box. I kept watering and crossed my fingers that it just meant that all these flowers were just going to be exploding all over the place when they finally arrived.

About 2 weeks ago we finally started to see some colour and every single day we are getting more and more pretty colours and all sorts of different flowers. Everyone keeps telling me that they love my flowers and people even stop on the footpath to take a look at them all. Yay! Success! Me and the girls just love to go out every day and look at what has bloomed that day and pick out what are our favourites. It has been alot of fun and worth all that hard work. I would do it all again. We did plant some Sugar Snap Peas and 3 plants grew. We have been able to eat a few and they taste great. We did learn our lesson this time and will be planting all the seeds at once and not some every week because 3 plants dont give you many peas. We also wanted to grow cherry tomatoes and strawberries but didnt get to. I did get a strawberry planting set for my birthday but I didnt plant them for fear that we were planting to late and it wouldnt grow so I am saving it for next year. So the rest of this post and the next one will be photos of flowers that are growing in our garden. Im sure my mummy will be proud that I grew something. She is the gardener as well as my Nanna's and I only had a vague idea of what I was doing from watching them. So thanks Mum and the Nanna's for letting me watch over your gardening. I did pick up something along the way.

This plant here I did not grow from seed. My friend Natalie has been hearing all my gardening triumphs and tribulations since starting and gave me this beautiful pink Hydrangea plant for my birthday to add to my garden. I hope it keeps blooming and getting bigger and bigger because the flowers are so pretty and have lasted a long time. I always worry I have put them in the wrong place but this seems to like where it is.

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