Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Flowers

This is mine and Victoria's favourite flower that has popped up so far. Im not sure what its called but it looks really pretty. If I could find out what its called I think I would plant lots of them all together next year. That would look really cool.

I do know that this is a pink Poppy. We also have red and orange Poppies growing. They are very cool looking even when they are buds.

Natalie tells me that these are called Asters. We love these because we have lots of different coloured ones growing. They start from really dark purple all the way to very light pink. They look very pretty all together.

I kind of went flower picture taking crazy because I use to do photography in school and my favourite things to take photos of were nature shots and animals. My dad is into photography so I think he would appreciate my flower shots hehe.

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Anonymous said...

I am proud of you and your garden and your photo's. That first pretty pink flower is a Cosmos and comes in white and dark pink and it (along with most of the flowers you have planted) will produce lots of seeds to spread around that will pop up next year and give you a bigger more beautiful garden. Luv Mum