Thursday, September 1, 2011

Panda Hat

Something new for my Etsy shop finally. A good old Panda Hat. Every time I make one of these someone here wants it but I deemed this one for the shop only.

Dont you just love my beautiful model. That is my wonderful Megan who will be 17 this month. That one is hard to believe.

This panda hat is my own design. I am quite proud of it. I played around with some graph paper and came up with this cute face. The ear pattern I made up as well. I really need to write it down as every time I make one of these hats I have to remember how I did it the last time.

This hat is one of those hats that just seem to fit anyone from kids to grown ups. Yes I think its perfectly fine for a grown up to wear a panda hat hehe.

Im thinking I should try and figure out some other animal hats I could do because they are so much fun and quick to make. Winter is on its way. I know nobody wants to think about that just yet.


Robyn said...

Cute hat .... and model said...

Love the hat! Cool idea.... Nikki x