Monday, August 15, 2011

Snoopy Baby Blanket

Here is a blanket that I made for one of my best buddies who just had a baby. Of course I havent posted it yet and the baby is now 3 months old but it will be on its way soon. My friend is a big fan of Snoopy. I found these dishcloth patterns of Snoopy characters on Ravelry and had the idea of turning them into a blanket. There are 7 characters so I had to find a yarn that had 7 colours of yarn that I liked. I wanted it to be a natural fibre that is washable. I found this wonderful superwash wool in baby colours and was nice and fine that would make the pictures pop. The yarn is called Lanett and the brand is Sandnes Garn.

When I make baby blankets I like to make them nice and big so that can be used for a long time. Smaller blankets only seem to be good for the first few months. This blanket is big and was hard to get the whole thing to fit in a photograph.

Each dischcloth pattern was relatively the same size. I had to add a couple of stitches here and there to the border but you cant even notice. I made this in strips of each character and sewed them together as I went. I did think about putting a duplicate stitch picture in each white square but once it was all sewn together I thought the pictures would distract from the Snoopy characters which are the main focus.

Here is Charlie Brown. I was thinking he would be red when I was planning this blanket but there was no red in the group of yarn I picked. I figured this darker pink would be close enough to red.

Here is Snoopy being all cool. I went back and forth on whether to do Snoopy blue or purple. I still question my choice as Lucy should be blue but it doesnt really matter in the end I guess.

Here is Lucy. Dont you just love how much these pictures look just like their characters. The pattern designer did a great job.

Here is Marcie. She is a very light orange colour.

You cant have a Snoopy blanket without Woodstock. He may be small but he's important. Of course he had to be yellow.

Here is Peppermint Patty. Now you just knew she had to be green.

Lastly it is Sally. She looked like she needed to be light pink. She is also related to Charlie Brown so they could be close in colour.

So that is my Snoopy blanket project. It was alot of fun and the finished project turned out just like I wanted it to. Now the most important part is the mailing. It doesnt do the baby much good sitting in our house.


Robyn said...

Beautiful blanket. I love the thought you put into each square and the colour each character should be.

Anonymous said...

Get thyself to the post office asap