Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Item And Easing My Way Back

I just added these purple booties to Knitted For Ewe. I cant even remember the last time I added something new to my shop. I am so glad that I finally just sat down to do it. Hopefully its the start of more adding because my poor little shop really has been neglected.

I am hoping making this post will kick start me doing more posts and getting back into the swing of blogging. I really do enjoy it but just have been busy with life and lots of babysitting this year.

I just sent off a batch of toys to the New York shop Stoopher & Boots and managed to take photos before they left. Im hoping that will be my next post because they turned out pretty cute and I feel I need to show them off. I am already starting on a new batch and some for the shop as well.

And this comment is for my Mum and sister, yes I promise I will post pictures of the the kitchen cabinets that are now all painted and white. I am still excited about them being finished.

Well there it is, finally a blog post and not the last even for this week so come back and visit again soon.

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Robyn said...

Good to have you back