Friday, August 5, 2011

Destination New York City

Here is the gang that was recently sent to the New York shop. They are currently waiting for their forever home at Stoopher and Boots. Let me introduce them to you.

This is a lemur that I made months ago. He was the first in the batch I was getting ready so he has been sitting on my shelf waiting for the others. There have been kids coming to our house begging me if they could keep him including my own. I love how he turned out. He is an Alan Dart pattern, isnt he an amazing pattern designer?

This is my interpretation of Bullseye from Toy Story. I used a basic horse pattern that I found and did a few things to try to make him look like Bullseye. First off the colours had to be right, then I had to get the eyes big and bulgy and lastly I had to figure out how to make nostrils. Do you think he looks like Bullseye?

This is Arnold the pig. He is the same pig pattern that I have made quite a few times but every time I make one they end up with their own personality and size depending on the yarn that is used. In this case Arnold was made with 100% cashmere so he is super soft. Victoria fell in love with him big time. He got some snuggle time before going into the box to NY. Every now and then we wonder how he is in the big city.

This is Ferdinand the duck. I am partial to white ducks but this little yellow duck has quite the personality. He was an interesting pattern as his body is actually just a square and its the way you seam him that makes him into a duck. Victoria just says he's fat which kind of hurt his feelings.

This little green elephant was made from a combination cashmere and merino wool yarn, soft and sturdy. We never did give it a name. What do you think it should be? I think pink elephants are still my favourite.

I love to make these snakes especially in stripey yarn. It has such a cool effect. They are also good stash busters as you can just keep going and going until you finish your ball of yarn.

I just had to make a little snail to go with the rest. They dont take long and they are so cute. This is the same snail that I made for Victoria for her birthday. The same colours and everything. I was trying to make a snail that looked just like the drawing she did. I think it came out pretty close, colours and everything.

Well those are a few projects that I have been working on these past months. I have already started a new batch to send to New York. So far there is a blue and pink bunny with long ears, an almost done blue elephant, a different pattern from the one above and a doll. I love the idea of doing the knitted doll just like they use to have in the old days. I have a feeling that once I make one I will be making more and more with different hair and outfits. Thats always the trouble, to many ideas and not enough time to do them all.

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