Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I Have Been Knitting Lately

I recently did a trade with Blushing Ewe, an Etsy shop that makes hand spun yarn and dyed roving. She wanted some fingerless mittens for her and her family to wear on a family trip coming up. Each person had their own colour yarn. There was so much yarn left over after making each pair of fingerless mitten that it didnt feel right to keep all that leftover yarn. I decided to make them each a little surprise made out of their leftover yarn. The 5 year old girl had the pink yarn and it just screamed, I need to be a pink piggy to me so that is what she got.

The 7 year old boy got a knitted ball because I figured you cant go wrong with a ball. This pattern I got from a knitted toy book I have which calls for making a six panel ball that I just did all in one colour which saves on having to do any seaming. I discovered that hand spun yarn is great for knitted balls. My girls were the testers to see if it was a good ball to throw and roll around. They had alot of fun being testers and reluctantly handed it back over after 5 minutes.

The 2 year old boy got just regular mittens and of course a knitted ball because little brothers always want what their older brothers have. I saw this yarn and wondered if this little boy is into Spiderman. I have since heard that when he got his ball and mittens that he didnt want to put the ball down and didnt want to take his mittens off despite it being the hottest Summer we've had in years. I guess they were a hit hehe.

The 13 year old girl got a rib hat to go with her fingerless mittens. Its hard to get the colour right in the photo but if you cant tell this yarn is like a chocolate brown. I figured I would make her something she could wear because at 13 you like to play with toys but your kind of moving to it not being so cool anymore so something to wear was a safer bet.

The Mum got a cowl so that she can keep warm on the trip and in the winter. I hope she liked it and finds it useful.

Once I made those knitted balls I knew I would end up making one for Victoria. She got that look in her eye when she saw them being done like I need to have one of those. Recently for my birthday my friend took me out to Starbucks and to a new yarn shop I hadnt been to yet. Its called Stash Busters and I think I will have to go back there again. They have the regular yarn shop downstairs where the prices are pretty reasonable and then you go upstairs and they have yarn there that people have brought in from their stash that they dont want anymore. They sell their yarn for consignment and you can get some really good deals. I made sure I had some money for this trip and brought home some really cool yarn. I got this yarn called Mochi Plus that is all rainbow colours. I didnt know what I was going to make with it but I knew Victoria likes rainbow colours. As soon as she saw this yarn she said Oh you can make me a Rainbow Ball so that is what it has become. I started work on it that very day. They dont take long to make so she had her Rainbow Ball pretty quickly. Im thinking Rainbow Balls could be popular in my shop so I may have to go and buy some more of this yarn. What do you think?

After all those projects I am currently working on some knitted toys to go off to New York to Stoopher & Boots. I havent sent anything in a while and its long overdue. My poor little shop is feeling neglected with nothing really new being added in a while so I will have to slip in some knitting for that. So many projects to do and so little time. I havent even got a chance to knit with the hand spun yarn I got from Blushing Ewe or use my fancy new glass knitting needles yet. At least I know I wont be bored any time soon. So stay tuned for some more finished projects to show off.

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