Friday, July 2, 2010

Etsy Surprises

I wasnt able to arrange a favourite Etsy shop interview in time for today so I thought I would share some Etsy surprises that we have gotten recently. My Mum decided to send us each a little something from Etsy, just a little surprise in the mail. I love little Etsy surprises. This is what we got. The above picture is what I got. A little piggy and a cute little acorn that now sit on my kitchen window sill so I have something cute to look at while I wash the dishes. They are sitting with my crystals that are soaking up some sun energy. The piggy has to come down from the shelf when the window is open on a windy day. I think he needs to put on a few pounds because he tends to blow off in the breeze. These little cuties came from Bird On Wire Studio.

This little cutie belongs to Megan. She is a turtle lover. I believe her name is Sasha. I just love her little pink toes. She may end up on a necklace but she is also cute just sitting on a shelf just looking up at you with those big beautiful eyes. This little turtle came from Maybeads

My husband Joe is a big Michael Jordan fan and likes to collect his memorabilia. This is something he definitely didnt already have, a poker chip with Michael Jordan on it. Im not sure what Etsy shop this came from. I would have to check with my Mum. Joe thought it was really cool and it now sits with all of the other stuff in the Michael Jordan corner.

Victoria's surprise was a Steggy the Stegosaurus finger puppet from Stay Awake And Play. He has joined the ranks for toys sleeping with her and she loves him alot. She loves it that his name is already Steggy as its a favourite name for Stegosaurus fellas.

I had a birthday last week on the 24th. I am now the big 34. For my birthday from my Mum I got this very pretty necklace from Beauty Spot. I love the red and the turquoise together and the sweet little birdy. I have already worn this a few times. Megan and Victoria really like it as well. I have a feeling Megan will be asking to borrow it some time soon.

The other present I got from my Mum are these beautiful glass knitting needles from namaste glass. I havent got a chance to use them yet because I am working on a trade I am doing with another Etsy shop but I think as soon as that is done I will have to find a project that I can use these for. I cant wait to see what it will be like to knit with glass needles. They are very smooth and cool to the touch, very good for summer knitting. Now I think I will have to get a straight needle holder to so I can protect them and not put them in the big plastic bag with all the others. I hate that my straight needles are all disorganized like that, these needles will be a good excuse to buy an organizer.

Thank you Mum for all the Etsy surprises. We love them all. You didnt have to do that but we sure do appreciate them.

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Maybeads said...

What an honor to be grouped with all this talent! Those knitting needles are so cool, and I LOVE the pig! Thank you so much for including me.