Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitty Close Ups

I just had to show off the cute pictures I took of our kitties the other day. The first kitty is my new baby Dexter. He is now a year old and still a curious non stop playing kitty who follows Victoria around everywhere.

Victoria wanted to call Dexter her baby and I told her she could only call him her baby if she was willing to help look after him. She has been filling his dried food when they need it so can now call him her baby. She loves helping to take care of him.

Its such hard work being so cute so he has to make sure to get plenty of beauty rest.

This is Ringo. He is 5 years old and we have had him for 4 years. This is Megan's baby. He was born without a tail, a Manx cat. For some reason his lack of tail seems to freak people out at first. We are just use to it. Ringo is Joe's favourite kitty. He even told me the other day that there is no better cat than Ringo. He just hangs out, sleeps and snuggles and never gets into any mischief.

Ringo is having a bit of a hard time with the new kitty. He just likes to chill out and relax and Dexter enjoys messing with him. They wrestle around alot and he hisses when he just wants him to leave him alone. I dont think they are really fighting, just play fighting because they have never scratched or injured each other. Ringo is alot bigger and has claws and hasnt done any damage which he could do if he wanted. I think eventually they will get along its just taking a while. I have seen Ringo licking Dexter which is a good sign right?

Ringo has such a cute little nose. It actually changes colour. When he is warm its nice and pink. When he is cold it turns white so we know when he needs a good cuddle.

I had to take this shot of his cute little back foot with all the toe fur sticking out. Dont you just want tickle them?

Well those are our fur babies. We love them alot and they keep us entertained for hours.

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