Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting Some Painting Done

You read correctly. I finally picked up the paint brush and have been painting. I am the queen of procrastinating when it comes to painting. I want it done but getting started is another thing. This week I got all the painting finished in Victoria's room. I still cant believe a whole room is done. I have been doing trim work in parts of Megan's room that still feels like it never ends. I started a bit of trim work in the dining/whatever room only because its right next to where I was working on Megan's stuff and I just kept going. Lets hope I can keep it up because the cold weather will be here soon and I will be so mad at myself if I get nothing done.

I have been knitting a teddy bear this week with the yarn that I got from the Falconer Yarn Loft. I have been feeling guilty that I havent given her anything made out of her yarn yet. He is coming along quite quickly. I just have to find the time to work on it. I cannot believe how busy this summer has been.

Megan is off to girl scout camp today until Sunday which means she misses her soccer game today. We are also off to the Fair tomorrow and using Megan's ticket to bring Victoria's friend along. It should be fun. We had Summer Reading this morning. I still cant believe how crazy our group is. We have about 20 kids aged between 3 and 5 in our group plus the parents in a little room. Its very interesting trying to keep them occupied but we are surviving and they seem to be having fun.

I guess I have to end this post because I keep getting distracted by a Miss Victoria and forgot what my thought is. I also have to make sure everything is ready for Megan's camping trip.

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