Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

Last week the girls were on a weeks holiday from school. The weather was warm and sunny and we spent alot of time playing outside and going to the park. Victoria was in her element because she just loves to run around outside. We went on a walking trip around our neighbourhood taking pictures of spring. Apparently we were a little ahead of ourselves because this week there are even more flowers and prettiness about. When we went on our trip we were having trouble finding images of Spring. I guess I will have to take some more photos. Victoria joined me in my picture taking with her Hannah Montana camera that makes all the right noises but doesnt actually take pictures. It was so funny to see her doing all these photographer poses and thinking what would be a good shot. Perhaps she will be a photographer one day. She even had to take a photo of her shoe which would have made my dad proud hehe. Family members would get what that means. She told me she was taking her camera home to load her pictures up on her Barbie computer. I guess she's been watching me a bit hehe. On our walk Megan also expressed an interest in photography and a want for her own real camera. I will have to keep that in mind for her birthday.

Here is a shot of a lovely bunch of crocuses we found. Snowdrops and crocuses always tell me that the snow is on the way out. Its always exciting to see them. I never really cared too much about the flowers coming out in Spring when I was in Australia but when you are looking at snow for months on end its very exciting to see flowers again and the promise of warm weather to come.

Whilst out walking I was pointing out to Victoria the buds on the trees and that the buds meant that leaves were coming. Once she knew what they were she was spotting buds on trees and bushes all over the place. It was even more exciting when we could see leaves that had actually popped open.

This photo is a little blurry because I had spotted this bird on a way to walking home and had already put my camera in its pouch. I hurriedly got it out to try and catch this bird who was in a tree pretty close to where we were walking. I believe that it is a woodpecker. We have had some in the walnut trees in our backyard pecking away and I think this is the same type. If anyone knows differently I would love to hear about it. Im sure my Nanna would have loved to have seen this little guy because she loved to bird watch.

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