Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Had A Great Visit

Well I guess all my freaking out was over nothing, which is a good thing hehe. We had a really great visit with Megan's dad. Megan and her dad just had a great time doing things together and reconnecting. I think he realized that Megan is still the same whacky Megan only bigger hehe. I think Megan realized how much she is like her dad in looks and personality. We all went out to dinner and it was fun. Alot of people were shocked that we all went together but it is important to me that Megan feels comfortable with us all being together and its not awkward. They went to the movies, he went to Megan's church and met her best friend and her family and then he came back to our house to watch a movie and hang out. Megan was a little sad when he left but not too sad because she knows this time it wont be 7 years before she sees him again, more likely some time in the summer. Isnt it funny how your imagination and worries can be your worst enemy some times hehe.

This is one of my favourite shots from the visit. He would kill me for posting though hehe.

Aren't they cute together?

I took this one for Megan to put in a frame in her room. They also went to a photo booth and did some really cute shots. We are getting them enlarged and put in a frame that holds four photos so she can put those up as well.

Here is my slouch hat that I made last week. Every time Joe sees me wearing this hat he says I look like my mum in it. I like this hat. My only thing about this hat is that the band is kind of loose. I think I might have to thread some elastic in the band to make it a little tighter. I dont know why every time I knit hats there is something I dont like about how they turn out. One day I am hoping just one will work.

I took these hat photos while wearing the hat and holding the camera out to the side. I dont know how well I did hehe. It was definitely interesting attempting it.

We went to the yarn shop on the weekend to put some money down on my bear. He is half paid off and will be coming home with me one day soon. I also bought some Crystal Palace Kid Mohair that has all different shades of green in it. I have never knitted with kid mohair before. I had no idea how thin it is. I am knitting a prayer shawl for my friend. Her grandma just past away this week and her mother is battling cancer and probably wont be around much longer. I figure if anyone could use a prayer shawl it is her. I am hoping I get it done in time. We will have to see with it being so thin but the stitch is very open so I think it wont be so bad.

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