Sunday, February 10, 2008

Its Cold Outside Today

I think today is a staying inside and snuggling under a blanket day. The highest temperature forecast today is 12 degrees F, for those of you Celsius people that is -11. The lowest temperature is suppose to be 1 degree F which is converted to -17 degrees Celsius and this isnt even taking into account the wind chill factor and it is very windy and snowy today. I had to go to the store this morning for an emergency toilet paper run and it was pretty cold when the wind was blowing in your face. We do have to go to the store again later to pick up a few things we need for the week and possibly have some pizza for dinner. I think I will run there hehe.

Horace is coming along nicely. I have nearly finished knitting all his parts. He just needs the soles of his feet and his ears. Some of his body parts look a little confusing right now but Im sure they will make sense when they are sewn up. He cant be fully finished until I get some plastic pellets for his insides and some eyes.

The knitting bag has just been sitting there begging me to do more to it. I will have to work on it in the next few days I think. Its getting so close to the end.

The two Pavlovas turned out really well. Everyone just loved them. I didnt even get to bring any home. I was lucky I got a piece for myself. Several people now want the recipe. I think I will end up having to make more Pavlovas in the future especially seeing how Megan didnt even get any.

Megan survived her Girl Scout camping trip and apparently had lots of fun. She cant wait to go camping again April. You would catch me camping at this time of year hehe. They didnt stay in tents though. They stayed in a log cabin with a fireplace. Does that count as camping?

Well Im going to go get under a blanket with some hot chocolate and stay warm.

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