Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Bear Has A Head!

The mint green headless bear now has a head and he feels much better. Last weekend I dropped him off at the yarn shop and she found a place for him to sit so he would get noticed. I also got to see my bear who is sitting in the window just waiting for me to take him home. He is very cute.

I have been working on two projects this week. I unraveled yet another jumper this week. This was one that I have owned for a few years. I bought it second hand and have never worn it. I figured out that its the yarn and the colour of it that I liked more than the jumper so unraveling I went. It is a very pretty robins egg blue. It is currently being knitted up into the Horace Bear pattern that I bought several months ago. I think he is going to be very cute. It is a very speedy project especially with the yarn Im using being so chunky. He is going to be bigger than the original Horace but I think I like that. Thats the good thing about knitting toys. It doesnt really matter what yarn you use to make it in because all it does it change its size and give it a different character.

The other project I have been working on is the felted knitting bag. I felted it last Friday, stuffed it and let it dry for a few days. It is currently waiting to be shaved before I attach the handles. I was talking to the yarn shop lady and she gave me some excellent tips on how I can make my bag more solid. She gave me a big stack of plastic canvas and told me how you use it so your bag will not be so floppy. I knew you could do it I just could wrap my head around exactly how. I am very excited to try this out and see how it works. Essentially I want my knitting bag to sit in a rectangular box shape. Then it will be lined and hopefully have a zipper if I can find one that goes with it and is long enough. Its getting there slowly but surely.

The other night I was having trouble sleeping. You know when you cant switch your brain off and every position doesnt seem comfortable. So while trying to fall asleep I came up with a brain storm on what sort of design I want to do with the green wool I just unraveled. Its all based on this clay pendant that I found on Etsy. I would like the lady to make me a button with the same picture and use that to close the bag. This pendant has a green background and a cute bird on it. I would then embroider the same bird but bigger in the light blue that its painted in, onto the bag. Thats my plan anyway. Sometimes when doing these things the plan changes as different things come up or different ideas are discovered.

Yesterday I went to my knitting group. There was a new lady who had come because she wanted to learn how to knit. It was just me there that day so I was teaching her how to knit. She was very new to it all. She did a pretty good job by the time it came to going home. She was very determined to get it and never gave up. She said I really helped her so that felt good. I havent really taught people how to knit before. It was weird because now I just do it so it was hard to find the right ways to explain it so it made sense. I think she will get it with practice. We have a meeting on Monday night and she might come so I would love to see her progress then.

Tonight I just finished making an Australian dessert to take to Victoria's story hour tomorrow. I am going to be reading the book Possum Magic to the kiddies. In the story it mentions a dessert called Pavlova. I told the ladies at story hour that I would read the book and make some Pavlova so the kids can try something that is in the book and also Australian. I also have to read this book about Kangaroos that I found so we have more than one story. They are then going to do some crafts with some Australian animals in it. Its always nice to share a bit of home and its a good excuse to eat Pavlova. I dont think mine will be as good as my friend Nerida's but I think I did pretty good making it from scratch. I ended up making two of them because there is a morning and afternoon story hour. I think the leaders and the librarian are more excited about trying the dessert more than anything. Megan is just bummed that she is off on a camping trip tomorrow and probably wont get any hehe. Fingers crossed all goes well tomorrow.

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