Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Knitting Has Been My Friend This Week

I just thought I should post something because I havent posted since last Thursday. Also it happens to be a great way to avoid doing the final cleaning in preparation for our visitor tomorrow.
Megan's Dad is coming tomorrow. This is a momentous occasion because they have not seen each other since Megan was 6 years old. She is now 13. Megan has been playing it cool all week and saying mildly that she is excited but she went to bed at about 8.30pm and is still up in bed at 11.30pm not able to sleep. I myself have been about 2 breaths away from an anxiety attack all week every time I think of him being here. I am happy for Megan that she will have her chance to spend time with her Dad. This is a good thing. This man tends to carry drama with him where ever he goes and I have been drama free for 7 years now. I am just taking it all one day at a time and breathing deeply. After going back and forth many times on what they are actually going to do while he is here, no one could give me an answer. They just wanted to spend time together so I had to nudge them into some sort of plan. Thursday he is visiting here and Megan is showing him around and stuff. From Friday until Sunday Megan is going to stay at his hotel with him and they are going to figure out together what they want to do. I wont be in the way and they can create whatever time together they want. On Sunday Megan is taking him to her church and introducing her Dad to her best friend and their family. After that I dont know but at least its better than, I dont know we just want to be together.

So the reason for the title of this post is that every time I felt stressed about this impending visit I have sat down to knit and its calmed me down immensely. I dont know what I would have done without it. I even got a funky new hat out of all that stress hehe. I knitted the free pattern from the Knit & Tonic blog called Le Slouch. Its a funky little slouchy beret type hat. I think they are kind of cute. I just knitted it out of Red Heart in the colour Teal. The yarn isnt special but I like the colour. I think I would one day like to make another one. This one is all done in seed stitch. I would like to see what a stockinette stitch one would be like. I will take photos of my funky hat in the next couple of days to show it off.

I went to the craft shop last weekend and bought some eyes and the pellets to finish off Horace The Bear and my knitting bag. I bought some sheets of the foam to try out and some cool material to line it with. Joe helped me pick out the material. I think I will start back on those projects when I am less stressed next week. This way I wont make any mistakes.

On our shopping trip last week, Joe took us out to dinner as a late Valentines Day surprise. Well I was completely surprised because we went to a chinese food buffet. Joe does not like chinese food at all and in fact every time I have a birthday or something he says you can pick where ever you want to eat except chinese food. So I was completely shocked when we pulled up outside the chinese buffet. Joe said I had the happy grins all through dinner hehe. Victoria loved it and kept saying all night how she wants to go back. Joe actually found quite a bit of food he liked but it wasnt actually chinese food. He liked the chicken nuggets, cinnamon buns and apple chips hehe. You know those chinese have a great reputation for their chicken nuggets hehehe. He even got very full eating there which is a good sign that we will get to go back again. Yay! Victory for us chinese food eaters in the house. I was very proud of Victoria because she tried lots of food she hadnt had before and loved all but the seaweed wrap on the sushi hehe. She does love to eat that girl. Thats how you know she is related to my family.

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