Thursday, January 10, 2008

This Is The House Of Sickness

This week is the week that everyone but Megan is sick in our house. Victoria started being sick on Saturday and cant quiet kick it. I got it on Sunday but was just bad for one day. I am just left with a cough and half a voice right now. Joe got it on Sunday night in the middle of work and is sitting along side Victoria being the sickly twins. Victoria was doing better on Tuesday so she and I went to preschool because I was to be the parent of the day. The kids in her class are dropping like flies with this virus. One of them had to go home because she got sick and others were complaining of not feeling well. It was one half who had it the week before and others who were in the middle of it or getting it. Its crazy. Yesterday Victoria seemed to be back at square one so we decided that we would take her to the doctor just to make sure it wasnt worse than we thought. It turns out she just needs more time and rest and she should be good. Her cough isnt coming from her chest and we just need to keep doing what we are doing. He did give us some extra tips on things that would help so we have an arsenal of things to use right now. I prefer to not use drugs to heal and do it the natural way if at all possible. This doctor seemed to be on the same wave length even without me telling him my thoughts. He suggested dark honey for the cough, saline drops for the sniffles and a vaporizer at night. We forgot to get the dark honey yesterday but she now has Tylenol, saline drops for her nose, Vicks Vapo Rub for chest and a vaporizer and humidifier at night. We also bought some Gatorade, juice and lots of soup for fluids. If this doesnt kick it then I dont know what will hehehe.

During all this madness I have been knitting up one of the bears from The Knitted Teddy Bear book. The knitting part is easy, its the sewing up part that is freaking me out. If I dont sew it up nicely then its going to look crappy. I just finished doing all the body parts last night. I have to pin them and steam them flat before sewing them up. Once they are sewn up they will need to be stuff and put together. I will have to buy some special teddy bear eyes and sew the claws and face. I also have to knit the dress that she wears. Slowly but surely its coming together. I feel bad that I was given this stuff a while ago and havent got a finished one yet even though she said take my time and get them to her when ever. I will have to call her and let know that I havent forgotten and they are being worked on. I would also like to check up on the bear that I am having made for myself. I think she has forgotten. I hope not.

Oh well I better get back to looking after the sick people and see if they need anything. I hope everyone else is feeling healthier than we do here.

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