Monday, April 23, 2007

Three Bags Are Nearly Done

Yay three felted bags are nearly done. They all have a little something they need done to them and they will finally be ready to sell. Sagey Goodness is all felted and dried. It just needs a loop, a button and maybe some embellishments.

Big Cream Tote just needs the leather handles picked up, along with the leather button and everything to be attached.

Red Poppy bag just needs the poppies done, the buttons and two pockets done and sewn on.

Actually now that I have written that it doesnt really seem like they are nearly done does it hehe. I have been doing all this work on these bags that seems to be taking forever but the trouble is that I dont know if they will actually sell or if I even know what I am doing hehe. I guess I am just concentrating on getting them right and then having faith that I can get them out there and people will like them.

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