Monday, April 30, 2007

The Handle Saga Continues

So I was all excited to be picking up the handles for my big cream tote bag. Yeah nice long leather handles will be perfect. Apparently not.

I called up the yarn shop to let her know that we would be coming to pick the handles up today as they came in 2 weeks ago and we hadnt picked them up yet. She starts telling me how they didnt have leather handles even though I saw them in the catalogue. She starts telling me how she is sorry that she couldnt get me wooden handles and how she had even tried ebay for wooden handles. I kept saying that I didnt want wooden ones I wanted leather ones. She would say oh yeah leather ones, thats right. I think she was all confused about the whole thing. So she says to me that she got some bamboo handles for me so I can come and have a look to see what I think.

I already know these arent going to work because its the wrong colour for my bag and not wide enough but we went anyway. She said a couple of people had already wanted them so she would have no problem selling them if I didnt want them. I just wish that I had of gotten some sort of phone call two weeks ago telling me all this was going on. Not a word was spoken when she couldnt get what I ordered. Oh well what can you do.

We get to the shop and I took one look and knew they were all wrong. She had some D rings so I bought some of those and resigned myself to knitting I-cord handles and attaching them. Then she mentions that I could go to a thrift shop and see if I can find any old bags with handles that I could remove and use on my bag. Ah ha an excellent idea I think to myself.

So now I am up to the charity shop up the road to look for handles. If I dont find any there I bought some cream wool that pretty much matches my cream to make I-cord handles.
Hopefully this will all be over and I will be happy with whatever end result I get. This bag has changed so many times so who know what will happen next hehe.

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