Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Couldnt Resist

I had to start making something out of my sagey goodness wool. I just couldnt help myself. I know I am suppose to be controlling my bad habit of starting too many projects but this wool has been sitting around unravelled for a over a month now and I have been dying to use it.
I am at the end of making a bag out of the sagey goodness which I feel this needs to be called because I just love the colour. I am at the bottom of the bag and then I just have to do the handles. I am dying to felt this up and see how its going to turn out.
Once its felted I will finally have to decide which way I am going to go with the embellishments on this bag. I think I am waiting to see how it comes out in the end to help me make my decision on the decorations. I am either going to do a wooden button with wooden beads or use this beautiful button I got a couple of weeks ago that is a kind of pearly white and add some glamorous beading to the outside. Then the question will be whether it needs material to line it or keep it natural.
So many questions to figure out the answer to but it will be fun.

To update on other projects I am working on. I am making the second panel for my cable pillow for our lounge. That is about a quarter of the way done. I am anxious to see if it will look ok once all seamed up or if its a complete flop.
I havent touched the red poppy bag since the middle of last week because Im not feeling confident in my embroidery skills so I am waiting to get the courage to finish the embroidery on that so I can go on to the next step. I love to do embroidery but my lack of experience and the fear of stuffing it up freaks me out hehe. I just have to jump in and finish it because so far its looking pretty good.

Well thats what Ive been up to lately. Time to get back to my bag of sagey goodness so I can get it all finished.

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