Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Trip To The Shack

On the weekend we took our first trip of the sunny season to the The Valley Shack a very tasty burger and ice cream place just up the road from our house. When my sister was visiting from Australia last summer she fell in love with the burgers here. I thought I would take some pictures to bring back some memories and maybe make her drool a little hehe.

I think we need this sign in our house because we are all ice cream lovers especially Victoria who says that ice cream cures everything.

Most people come for the ice cream but this is why we love to come, the burgers.

Had to take a picture of the sign. Just a little advertising for The Valley Shack which you will find right next to Route 60 in Sinclairville NY.

You've gotta love the handmade lemonade. So much better than the store bought stuff. How do they get the ice cube like that? Kylie says they cant get good lemonade like this in Australia. You could probably make it yourself and it taste just as good.

Ahhh now this is what its all about. I like the hamburgers while the rest of the family like cheeseburgers. They taste like you grilled them yourself and the buns are toasted and buttered on the inside to make them a little crispy.

Here it is all put together and ready to eat. I think Im going to have to have another one because on this day I was really stuffy and sneezy from all the pollen flying around and my taste buds were suffering. I couldnt get the full flavour.

What better way to finish off this tasty meal than with some ice cream. This is suppose to be 2 scoops and I had already eaten some before I remember to take a picture. I cant imagine what 3 scoops looks like. This is ice cream is coffee ice cream with fudge swirls and dark chocolate chunks. So yummy.
Have I made you hungry yet?

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Robyn said...

Can't beat a good old 'street burger' and the lemonade and icecream look delicious.