Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Steggy The Stegosaurus

Miss Victoria has been on a dinosaur kick for quite a few months now. We have read all sorts of dinosaur books and watched all sorts of dinosaur shows and pretty much immersed ourselves into dinosaurs. She kept asking me to make her a dinosaur, specifically her very favourite, a Stegosaurus. She had a vision in her head of what it was to look like and even drew pictures indicating what was to be each colour. This is what happens when your mum makes toys hehe. Well I found this pattern on Ravelry and thought I would give it a try. I thought I would go one step further, be brave and make him felted as well. This was all to be a surprise so everything had to be kept a secret. I found this Patons Classic Wool that had most of the colours she had described in her drawing. He was knit, seamed and felted when she wasnt around and then secretly he was drying in the laundry.

I was a little nervous when I popped him into the pillowcase to be felted in the washing machine. I had no idea what he would come out like. I found out that he should be seamed and then a gap left open so that he could be stuffed afterward. I left his feet and scales off while felting to sew on with some matching embroidery thread after he was all dry. When he came out of the washing machine he looked pretty good. I stuffed him with the polyester fiberfill so he would dry in the shape that I wanted him to be, I even stuffed his little feet. I took all the stuffing out to make sure he was dry and then restuffed him not forgetting to put his eyes in as well. I really like how solid he feels with the felting. It can be kind of tricky stuffing knitted toys but felted ones are so much easier. I seamed up the gap, sewed on his feet and scales and he was all ready for some hugs.

Victoria just loves him. She took him absolutely everywhere and they played dinosaurs together for many an afternoon. She was very surprised that he kind of appeared from nowhere as she didnt see any part of him being made. I would love to make another Stegosaurus but this time using two solid colours. I think that would look really cute.

The funny thing I have noticed since Victoria has gotten into dinosaurs is you talk to other people about it and every one seems to have a favourite dinosaur. Megan loves dinosaurs as well and her favourite is the old T Rex. I love a Brontosaurus. I found out my sister loves Stegosaurus' as well. There were so many other people who came up with a favourite and loved to reminisce about their days of loving dinosaurs. Do you have a favourite dinosaur or a favourite dinosaur memory? I would love to hear it.

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Bird on Wire Studio said...

He's so, so adorable!!!!! My favorite dinosaur is the brontosaurus.