Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Is Coming! Spring Is Coming!

Its been what feels like a long cold winter of hibernating inside but this week you can definitely feel that Spring is in the air. You dont know how much you missed the warm weather until it starts to shine through. Victoria and I have been having while waiting for her school bus making the bird noises we can hear. We saw a cardinal the other day and heard a morning dove yesterday. Im sure I heard some geese crying out that they have returned from the south. There are patches of grass and even though its all smooshy and wet now, we can dream of all the picnics and laying in the sun we will be having soon. The most exciting part will be when we start to see flowers. That is when Victoria and I do our annual search for Spring with our cameras. With all this almost warm weather and birdies about I still have to remember that the snow is probably not all done and over with. We are still yet to have the big blizzard that comes around the beginning of April. Its just exciting to think of the fun stuff that is yet to come.

The talk in our house this past week has been all about Dinosaurs. Yep you read it right, Dinosaurs. Megan has liked dinosaurs for many years but Victoria has just become hooked on them. I think they did a segment about them in school and thats what started the obsession. Her favourite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus so she has been pretending to be a baby Stegosaurus for the last couple of days. I even had to give her a name so she is now Steggy. I found a wonderful set of knitting patterns online with all sorts of dinosaur species. I think I am going to have to purchase these patterns because Victoria is already telling me what colours she wants her dinosaur and I dont even have the pattern yet. I see many dinosaur knitting projects in my future.

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Robyn said...

I'm so happy Spring is on it's way for you. I worry about my Aussie girls hibernating in the winter.