Friday, March 19, 2010

Favourite Etsy Shop Friday

Favourite Etsy Shop Feature


1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Lauren Marzursky, and I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with my husband, three kiddos, three cats, one dog and a bunch of fish. I took a beginner lampwork class just over 2 years ago and was immediately hooked. I practiced making round beads every day as much I could. But I soon discovered that penguin and turtle beads were more my thing, so I guess Ive found my niche in sculptural animal beads.

2. Why did you open your shop and why Etsy?

I had sold for a little while on Ebay to support my glass addiction, but I wanted something more solid. When I found Etsy I thought it was nice and easy to start up in so I gave it a try.

3. Do you sell your beads anywhere else?
I have a very small shop on Artfire, but that's it for online selling. I did just sell some finished bead pendants to an art gallery shop in Chicago called Art & Artisans. Im pretty excited to see how they do there.

4. How did you choose your shop name?

My maiden name is May, so I just attached beads to the end of it and voila! Maybeads. When I first started making beads and some were very questionable, I liked that my shop name had the word "maybe" in it, as in "maybe its a bead, but maybe not."

5. What are your favourite things to do?
Aside from melting glass, I love to bake, walk ( I used to run but I've got a bum knee) and read.

6. What inspires you?

Animals inspire me - cartoon animals and real ones. Also my kids come up with some whacky ideas for beads.

7. Do you use your beads to create other items?
I turn some of my beads into jewelry, but mostly I sell just beads. I also make bookmarks out of them.

8.Which is your most popular bead?

Probably turtles.

9.Which handmade possession give you do you cherish?
I love the beads I have received from other lampworkers. I have a gorgeous off-mandrel heart from HollysFollyGlass, a super cute puppy from loribeads and a critter trio of a dino, cow and sheep made by Nikki from NLC Beads.

My husband surprised me and got me a blue kitty lampwork necklace from DorsetHillBeads that I love! I wear it all the time.

10. Name 3 other Etsy shops you love to visit.

Only 3?

First off, elukka, for the best dog sculptures evah.

CrazyBliss for the sweetest cat prints - she totally captures the quirky cat personality.
And I love visiting all my Fire Diva teammates' shops - they're all so talented and the variety is so great. I'm in loriandkim a lot because that's where I buy my murrini - can't get enough!

Thank you so much to Maybeads for being my featured shop this week. I have been a fan for a really long time. I think it would be great just to collect these beads even if you didnt have a specific crafting purpose for them. How cute would they all look lined up on a shelf? Reading this interview has pointed out many other great lampwork bead Etsy shops to check out so if you love what you see in Maybeads you'll have to check out the other shops as well. It sounds like the lampwork crafters have a great supportive community. One of the great things I love about Etsy.


CreekHiker said...

Great interview with Lauren! I'm a big Maybeads fan and have several of her beads...2 are staring at me as I type! LOL!

Eileen said...

what a wonderful interview...i love maybeads...her dogs, owls, turtles and other critters have such personalities...just look at them...better yet...why don't you put one on your desk and see what happens... :)

waterwaif said...

What a fantastic interview and man, those beads are adorable!!

Maybeads said...

Thank you so much for featuring me, Nicole! You're right, the lampwork community on Etsy is really supportive, and talented, too! I'm lucky to have found so many Etsy friends, lampwork and others.

Robyn said...

What great and expressive beads. That dear little pig looks a tad confused. Like he just arrived and doesn't know what he is supposed to do. Nice interview Nicole.

Anonymous said...

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