Monday, September 1, 2008

The Seafoam Tree Bag PreFelting

As I type this, this bag is being felted in the washing machine with my fingers crossed that it will turn out the way that I want it to. These are pictures of how it looked before it went into the washing machine. I couldnt decide which ones to put on here so thats why there are so many.

Here is are some close ups of the tree design that I knit on the bag. Ive never knitted a design into one of my bags before so it should be interesting how it turns out. I got inspired by the felting book that my mum gave me for Christmas.

This is the leaf design on the side of the bag. I found this design in the same book as the tree and thought they looked pretty similar.

I havent made the handles for this bag yet because I wanted to see its size after felting so I could get the right length. I have an idea of what I would like to make for it. I know how this stuff works though. My bags usually change a hundred different times before the finished product is put together. It starts out as a basic idea and gets rearranged as the creating process goes on.

While this bag is at its felting stage I am working on an order I got at the end of last week for a pair of booties and a hat in chocolate brown for a 1 year old and a blue fluffy hat for a one year old. The booties are done. I just need to make the hats. The blue fluffy hat is a little tricky because the yarn I used is discontinued. I found it on Ebay which was good but the seller is away on holidays until the 8th. Now I have to decide whether to wait for the yarn I want or order a yarn that is very similar thats not discontinued but costs more. Hmmm I will have to decide soon so I can get this order out the door. I hate to keep people waiting long when they place an order.

The order that I just got will help fund some of the things I need to get to start listing in my store. I have decided that in the long run it will be cheaper to make my own tags so I have been pricing the things I will need to do that. It will be more fun to make my own tags and I will be able to have them however I want.

Last night we went to a Fireworks Extravaganza for Labor Day. They set of syncronize fireworks all around the lake to music. It was quite the display. The guy who organized it had a dream that it would be seen from space. I wonder if it came true. I think he saw that movie Deck The Halls too many times hehe. It was a great night well apart from the hour and a half of listening to an ABBA cover band being blasted into our ears hehe. I could have done without that. I also discovered that Bemus Point, where it was being held, is very pretty and I want just about all the houses there.

Tomorrow we are heading up to Niagara Falls for a very exciting meeting. Megan' grandparents that she hasnt seen in about 8 years will be there and she will get to spend the morning with them. We are all excited and yes I am getting my camera ready hehe. This will also be Victoria's first trip to Niagara Falls. The only thing I am not looking forward to is having to leave at 6.30am to get there. Im not looking forward to waking Victoria up but hopefully we will have a great day.

On Wednesday it is the best day EVER! THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!! YAY!!!!
The girls are so bored these last two weeks. It seems the only source of entertainment is to annoy each other. After the first week Victoria will be on full days at Kindergarten so I can get some serious uninterrupted painting time in. The silence will be golden.

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