Friday, October 5, 2007

Finally I Can Blog Something

I have been wanting to type something for days and days but havent had the chance. Last night I finally sat down to type and upload some photos when our internet decided it just didnt want to work. So here I am on Friday night finally able to do a catch up.

Its been a busy week or so now with having two kiddies in school and a Megan birthday had last Saturday, with some painting and knitting on top of that. Whoever kept telling me that I would be able to sit and relax with Victoria at school was telling fibs. I have been trying to get painting done before the weather gets bad and cant paint anymore. I just want to have one room accomplished before its all said and done. If I can get the purple paint for Victoria's room this weekend then I just might accomplish that. All the pink on the two walls and trim for those two walls are done. Give me some purple paint and a week and I will have the other half done. Its looking very pretty and girly. She is very excited. Although the prettiness kind of got tainted last night when Joe bought Victoria a big Spiderman dressed in black poster. Im trying to create a pretty pink and purple with butterflies room and now we have to have Spiderman on the wall. Oh well I guess it definitely shows Victoria's personality.

The first photo that you see are the socks that I made for Megan's birthday. She loves them and thinks they are very soft. I got the feeling she wants more socks and will voice it when the weather gets colder. She loved all the other stuff. I also made her a green cloche hat that I have yet to take a photo of. I made it out of the debbie bliss cashmerino stuff I bought which is oh so soft. To be truthful the hat was going to be for me but when I put it on I didnt like how it looked on me and thought it would look better on Megan. I just happened to finish it the night before Megan's birthday. When she put it on she liked it but wasnt sure about it for one of the reason I wasnt sure about it. It felt like it was too short and didnt cover your ears properly. I was lucky enough to have a little of the ball left over and told her I would undo the hat before the decreasing and add some length. After doing this 3 times before closing up the top I finally got it to the length she liked and its all ready to wear. If I didnt fix it, it would have just got tossed aside and never worn, this way it will get used because its wearable now so I guess the time was worth it. Oh yeah, as I suspected when Megan opened her fingerless mittens all her friends now want a pair. Hailey has requested a red and black pair of the longer cable kind for her birthday in November.

Last weekend I finally got to a yarn shop that I had been dying to check out ever since I found out where it was. We dont usually go shopping in this area so when I knew we were going near there I just had to go. It is actually not just a yarn shop. Its got a little bit of everything and called The Art Trunk. Lots of painting, scrapbooking, beads, stamps, sewing and knitting supplies. Something for everyone. Joe even found something in there he wanted. I got the pink ball of yarn that you see below. The colour is called Victorian Rose so of course I had to get it. Its halfway to being a felted bag right now. Joe got two big pieces of fleece with a deer on it that he asked if I would sew into a blanket for him to snuggle in. I got out my sewing machine the other day and it took me about hour altogether to make his blanket and now he is very happy. He used it last night because he isnt feeling well at the moment. I will have to take a photo of that. I have been trying to catch up on some sewing projects that I have been putting off so my sewing machine and everything has been crowding our kitchen this week. I would love a sewing table. Megan asked me for a gym bag a few weeks ago and we have been buying the stuff for it for a few weeks now. It would have been done a couple of days ago but we discovered we need two more yards of this rope stuff for the other handle and then it will be done. Its black with pink and white polka dots. I will have to take a photo of it in all its glory. I am currently sewing the ribbon trim on the moss green felted bag and mini bag I made a few weeks ago. Its almost done. A few more sewing projects and I can put the sewing away for a while until another day. Sewing is not my strong point.

A few weeks ago I bought this wool yarn from the local craft shop because it was on sale. Its usually $6 a ball and I got it for $2.30. It looks like a more minty green in real life than it does here. Its very soft for wool but its going to have to be a bag of some sort. I have neglected the bag making for a while so I should get back into it.

I dont know how well you can see this photo. Perhaps if you click on it you can see it better. I have been thinking for a long time about teaching myself how to make stitch markers. I have seen them on Etsy so much and think they look so pretty. The lady at the Falconer Yarn Loft thinks that her customers would really like them and suggested that if I do make some to bring them in. I have only ever dabbled in jewelry making so its all very new to me. I just love beads and buttons and all that stuff so it should be fun just trying. I have started to buy things that I will need to create them and add them to the already cool bead collection that my big sis sent me for my birthday this year. The other night I pulled all the stuff out and just thought I would give it a go. Boy working with wire is alot harder than I thought but I think I could get better with lots of practice. I did make two sets of stitch markers. Ones for up to size 5 needles and ones for up to size 8 needles. The ones for the up to size 5 needles I am going to have to adjust because the beads feel too heavy for such a skinny needle. They will have to be for up size 11 or something. I will take a couple of shots to show my first attempts. I have been making 4 stitch markers the same and one stitch marker slightly different to be used to show the start of the row. That is how I have seen people do it and it made sense to me. It was definitely fun trying out different bead and combinations. I can see how you could go crazy buying all sorts of bead and little things to add.

Well this turned out to be alot longer of a post than I thought it would. I guess I had alot to say hehe. I am going to make more of an effort to post on here, about twice a week. I know when I read other peoples blogs that its always exciting when there's a new post added and the more often something is added the better the blog I think. It keeps you interested. Nothing worse than the same old stuff.

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