Thursday, January 12, 2012

New York Gang Part 2

I just love how this doll turned out. I like to call her Jemima as she looks like a doll with that name from a tv show call Playschool that used to watch when I was little. I wish I had of had more time to take more detailed pictures of her. She is made all out of soft wool except for her dress which is super soft alpaca yarn. You cant see this in the photo but she even has on underwear. You can take the underwear and dress off easily so she is fun to dress up. The hair took so long to get it the way I wanted it. To make it wavy I cut the strips of yarn and pulled apart the fibers which come apart wavy from being twisted. I hope Jemima goes to a home where she is loved.

This poor little owl sat around for a long time waiting to be finished. I dont know why I kept putting it off but I am glad that he was finished in the end. He is half filled with plastic pellets which makes him just right to sit on your shelf and keep and eye on things.

This bunny was actually suppose to be a bear but when it came time to do the ears I ended up just making them really long and turning it into a bunny. I love the blue colour of this yarn especially with the hot pink.

Now this was my favourite toy that I sent off. We had to give him a hug before he went in the box. He reminds me of the velveteen rabbit. I knitted him in a chenille yarn with small needles to give him that velvet look and feel. Ah more uses for that big stack of chenille yarn my husband bought for me.

I lined his ears with some yellow fabric that was left over from the quilt I made my daughter for Christmas. Dont you just love how you can pose his ears in all different ways. I love the vintage look of this bunny. He looks like he has been around for a long time.

I am definitely going to make another one of these rabbits. I have the yarn all picked out and everything. Funnily enough the yarn I am going to use is called Bunny Soft and it feels just like your patting a real bunny. I cant wait to get started on that one.

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