Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tricks Or Treats

This past Sunday we had the joy of having Halloween. Victoria and her Dad are big into Halloween. I like the treats and Megan likes the cheesy Halloween movies. So there is a little something for everyone. Usually Victoria has a plan of what she wants to dress up as for Halloween the day after the last Halloween. This year she really had to think about it when it came time to pick out a costume. Then it came to her and she was excited. She was going to be a Leopard. But my Victoria cant just be a leopard, nope she was telling everyone that she is Queen of the Leopards hehe.

This was actually one of the best costumes she has picked out because she could wear layers underneath and she was warm, it was easy and not alot of money. For some reason we couldnt find leopard print pants but she was happy with black. We found these leopard print mittens that have the flip top and turn into fingerless gloves in a discount shop and the mask, tail and collar all came together. A leopard costume wouldnt be complete without a Star Wars trick or treat bag, right? Hehe thats Victoria for you.

Lots fun was had on Halloween. Joe's friend brought his 2 kids out to trick or treat with us as they have for the past couple of years and Halloween just wouldnt be the same without them. Oh my how crazy those two kids are. Zach who is 6 every year starts off running to every house and by the end of the second street has announced that he is too tired to keep going. This year at every house he had to announce to the world what kind of treat he got and would tell the person if he liked or didnt like what they had given him. When we came to an unsupervised bowl of treats with a sign that said please take one you would hear him say oh man, just one? and then he would take forever to select just the right one. He cant wait to get home to eat them so he is attempting to eat and walk at the same time while being told not to eat the treats yet. Olivia who is 8 does the same thing every year. She wears a costume that she has issues with. This year her costume was not warm enough. She started out arguing she was not cold and didnt want to wear her jacket. By the end of the first street she was non stop complaining how cold she was and her legs were turning red and being itchy with cold. She and I made a deal that next year she would have a costume that was both warm and comfortable, something I have yet to see her do over the years hehe. It was definitely chilly as we even got some snowflakes as we were walking around.

Victoria convinced Joe to dress up this year. She was so excited at the thought that he just had to do it. We had both dressed up a few years ago so he already had the costume. This costume kind of freaks little kids out and impresses grown ups so Joe enjoys wearing it. I chose not to dress up this year hehe. Megan did dress up as a lady pirate and her boyfriend dress up as a boy pirate. We dubbed him Captain Red Beard as he has red hair. She just dressed up for school and I didnt catch her with my camera. She managed to dodge that one.

After trick or treating we did the traditional pizza back at our house and fun was had by all. Now that Halloween is all done it will be time to get into Christmas mode. Thats when our house really comes alive.

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Robyn said...

Those two look great together in the last photo.