Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Puppy In A Blanket

A little puppy has arrived at Knitted For Ewe. This little puppy was knitted in a soft chenille yarn that makes him feel just like a real puppy.

I knitted him this little blue blanket that wraps him up and keeps him cozy. The wooden blanket holds it in place.

These little puppies are fun to make. I love how soft they are with the chenille yarn. Thank you to my husband for the big box of chenille yarn I got for Christmas. It has come in handy. I love how their features are all embroidered so they can be played with by anyone.

He is really excited waiting for his forever home and hopes to be adopted soon. He doesnt have a name yet. That is up to his new owners.

Here is the tail shot. You have to see his little tushy too. I hope he puts a smile on your face.

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