Friday, August 13, 2010

Favourite Etsy Shop Friday

Favourite Etsy Shop Feature


1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Jim and I'm also known as the Coinringman. I live with my wife Virginia and our dog Fortune. We reside in a small home in the beautiful valley of the sun, Phoenix Arizona. I am a aircraft electrician by trade and coin ring maker part time. I have to credit my Dad for my creative ability, he was a master at creating and building things around the house when I was growing up.

2. What made you open your shop and why Etsy?

Actually I discovered Etsy by accident while doing some research on the internet and soon realized this would be the perfect place to show my handcrafted coin rings. The Etsy community is filled with some of the most talented creative artists I've ever seen.

3. Do you sell your rings anywhere else?
No, for now Etsy is the only place that I am displaying my work. I would like to participate in some craft shows around the country but that will have to wait until I have more time.

4. What are your favorite things to do?

I really enjoy taking a drive with my wife through the forest in northern Arizona. It is full of tall pine trees and has a peaceful calming effect on me. Also watching a good movie at home is hard to beat.

5. What inspires you?
Nature. I am surrounded by awesome creativity everywhere I look. Nature creates and I am part of that creation. It is only natural for me to use my imagination and think outside the box to come up with new ideas.

6. If you could learn one new craft what would it be?
Most likely glass art, such as blown and fused glass work would be most intriguing to me. I really love the vibrant colors used in this fine craft.

7. Where did you get the idea to make rings from coins?
My metal-shop teacher back in high school gave me the idea. He taught me how to make my first coin ring. It was rather crude looking and didn't really show any details of the coin, but none the less, I was hooked on creating different techniques to improve the finished product.

8. Do you take requests for certain years and states and if so which seems to be the most popular?

Yes, absolutely! I welcome custom orders. The U.S. state quarters are definitely a favorite for many of my customers along with some requesting certain years that reflect important events in their lives. I look forward in helping my customers with their requests.

9. Which handmade possession given to you do you cherish?
That would be the framed cross-stitch patterns that my wife made for our home shortly after we were first married. I am very sentimental about these beautiful pieces of art created through a labor of love. :)

10. Name 3 other Etsy shops you love to visit.

You really put me on the spot here. I really love many Etsy shops out there, but here are three that I have visited the most lately.

C bar J Crafts
Freedom To Express
All For Jasmine

Thank you to Coinringman for being my featured seller this week. Dont you just love this idea? I think its so cool that you can still see the images of the coin. I think this would make a unique gift. I think it would be great to get a ring with a year that has special meaning on it. Check out this shop and you may find a ring that could be a perfect gift for someone they will cherish for years to come.

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