Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its Been A Rainy Summer So Far

What do you do when your on Summer holidays and it rains alot? That is the question we have been trying to answer since the girls started their Summer holidays. There has been alot of reading going on as you can see here. One day we had two huge storms and had decided to turn the computer and tv off in case the power went out. We all got out some books, Megan and I had some tea and we snuggled in for a quiet afternoon.

I had to sneak these photos so as not to disturb the reading and the cause Megan to start hiding her face from the camera.

Victoria decided to read her book to Mr Bear who is her constant companion. He use to be mine, a Christmas Bear given to me by my husband before Victoria was born. One day we were playing and I made him talk which made her giggle and they have been best buds since. Mr Bear has helped with many things such as its time to go to bed because Mr Bear is tired too or Mr Bear needs medicine just like you will you take it together. Yep he is a pretty handy bear to have around.

What else do you do when its raining outside? Why you make chocolate chip cookies of course. They make the house smell good and they make a tasty snack. These ones are a special recipe and we have made them quite a few times these holidays. I think Megan is getting pretty good and making them.

Here is Victoria and Mr Bear. She insisted they get their picture taken together. He is wearing his new knitted jumper. Not made by me but sent by grandma who had found it at a garage sale. Mr Bear is looking pretty fancy these days in his knitted jumper and doesnt even care that he's wearing it in the Summer time.

Speaking of knitting. I have been kind of waffling in the knitting department. I have picked up an old project that has been going on for 3 years. Yep you read that right, 3 years. It is a surprise for my sister so I cant really say what it is. Maybe I could take a picture of a small section of it so just to tease my sister who reads this blog hehe. We are all super excited because she and her family will be coming to visit in August which will be a perfect time to give her this gift which is taking me so long to finish. Its pretty close to being done. I think in about a week or so it should be ready. I havent seen my sister in 6 years and will be meeting my 3 year old niece for the first time. I hope she likes me because I love her already. My brother in law is coming also, he's always fun to have around. I dont know who is more excited about them coming Me or Megan. She just loooooves her aunt.

Speaking of Megan, my baby is leaving me for 2 weeks on Sunday on a big adventure. She is off to Tennessee to see her Dad. She is flying on an airplane by herself. Even though she is 14 and a big girl its always freaky just waving goodbye and keeping your fingers crossed. She is excited to be going. She will be meeting her new step mum and her 2 year old little brother for the first time which is really cool. She has only spent about 4 days with her dad in the last 8 years so its long over due for them to get some quality time together. This is probably just the first of many trips so we just have to get use to it. I will miss my little Meggy. Even though she is always off staying at a friends house she isnt usually gone for this long of a stretch and it will be weird without her.

Well I better go and get some sleep. The first Summer Reading Program is in the morning and I have to be nice and rested for out Preschool group. They will be keeping us on our toes. Wish us luck hehe.

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