Monday, June 16, 2008

Two Wee Little Monkeys Having A Good Time

I finally finished this little monkey I have been working on for about a week. Its the same old monkey pattern I have done a ton of time but I wondered what it would look like if I used the thinner baby yarn that I had in my stash. I was inspired by a cute baby outfit I saw in these colours and went from there. Im not sure what I will do with the little guy but he sure is cute. I think I might save him for my Etsy store that I want to have up and running in the next two months. I have to keep in mind that I will need stock for it hehe.

It turns out this little guy loves hanging out amongst the flowers. He thinks their beautiful.

I caught a butt shot of him while he was enjoying the sun and checking out our garden.

The other monkey who has been having fun is Victoria. We went on a class trip last week to a place called Midway. It has lots of rides especially for kids her size. She just loved it there and wants to take her dad and Megan there this summer.

This is her riding the train.

This is her peddling around the peddle car course. She loved this because she got really good and really fast at it.

I was amazed at how quickly she picked up how to steer these paddle boats. She thought these were great. Please note that Victoria has become hooked on dresses and just had to wear this new one on this day. Who would have thought that a Spiderman and Ninja loving girl could also love dresses hehe. There are many facets to this girl hehe.

We also went to Church In The Park last weekend where they had a big blow up obstacle course. I will have to put some shots of that in my next post because the girls did the course together. It was the most amazing thing you ever saw. Victoria didnt give up halfway through like she did last year and Megan helped her little sister through the whole course without them having an argument. I wouldnt have believed it if I hadnt seen it for myself. There is hope for them yet.

This week I have been finishing off planning Victoria's birthday party. My baby girl will be 5 years old this Saturday. I cant believe it. I can remember Megan being 5 years old so clearly that I can hardly believe I have another 5 year old. Victoria finished Preschool last week and we visit her Kindergarten classroom this week. It should be interesting. We are having Victoria's party at the local park. This is risky because we have had alot of on and off rain this past couple of weeks. I have been crossing my fingers for no rain that day. Victoria just loves the park so she was so excited she could have her party there. I ordered the Spiderman cake she wants today and we picked out Spiderman party decorations on the weekend. Red and blue everywhere.

Megan is on her final week of school this week. She is down to half days but those days involve tests. She did a physical fitness test today to see if she was eligible to try out for the Grade 9 soccer team next year and she passed. She was very excited. She will only be in Grade 8 next year so that is why they had to do the test to make sure they could keep up with the older girls. She also found out that the same soccer league Victoria is doing opened up for her age so she will be playing soccer this summer. She is very very excited about that. Now Joe and I will have to figure out how to watch both girls play at the same time hehe.

Since I finally finished the little monkey I started on an order that I have for a pyjama bag that just got bumped up in priority. It is being knitted in cotton rather than fluffy yarn this time. I wasnt sure how it would look because I had always made them in fluffy yarn but this looks pretty good and cotton feels so soft. It is knitting up faster than the other yarn because its smooth. I started it on the weekend and the body and head are knitted up. This one is suppose to be a dragon. Mind you I have never done this pattern in anything other than a bunny so I am winging it. I hope it looks like the vision I have for it. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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