Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Graduate

Its been about a month since this happened but its still hard to believe. My baby has graduated from high school. We of course took a ton of photos but I thought I would pick just one for this blog post. 

The world is now her oyster and plans are being made. It will be weird when we are buying school supplies for her sister and not for her. No more school sporting events or clubs to go to but the unknown can be exciting even if it is scary. As soon as we can get her there, she is off to her new school in Canada to study Photography. For someone who doesnt like the cold and snow she has managed to pick somewhere even colder and snowier than here to go to school. But she is my adventurous child who just jumps into life with both feet and enjoys the ride whatever it may be. I never thought about it before but I think that may come from me. 

So good luck and the big wide world will be extremely lucky to have you. 

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Robyn said...

Enjoy the next ride Megan.