Friday, October 21, 2011

Favourite Etsy Shop Feature

Favourite Etsy Shop Feature

slash Knots

1-Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a stay home mom to two adventurous, adorable little boys ages 3 & 5! Although I was born & raised into country living, I feel I am a California beach girl living a country-girl life!! I moved to CA when I was old enough to be on my own, but after my beloved mother passed I moved back to be with my family. I am happily married and we live in a very rural area, so I kinda came full circle :) It is not uncommon to look out the kitchen window on any given day and see deer, coyotes, and even the neighboring farms' cows in our yard. We even have a pair of bald eagles who nest on our property. I love to travel, shop, and create jewelry! I very much keep up with current fashion trends and am a bit- fashion obsessed! Creating jewelry that I like to wear, any hopefully others will love, is my passion!

2- What made you open your shop and why Etsy?
I was creating pieces for myself and my friends wanted what I was wearing and it just grew from there. Next thing you know my friends co-workers would want a piece and then people they knew..... and word just began to spread! I outfitted a few bridal parties and last winter a girl suggested that I sell my things on Etsy. Until that point I never heard of Etsy! Once I checked it out I KNEW Etsy was the place for me :)

3- How did you choose your shop name?
I chose my shop name by going the Hollywood route and meshing my two son's names -- Slade and Cash -- into 'slash', and the 'Knots' is one aspect of the jewelry I create! Hence the name 'slashKnots' was born!

4- Do you sell your items anywhere else?
Through Etsy I have been fortunate enough to have a couple of shops in Maryland and Virginia carry a few of my pieces. And I did three craft shows last summer that were wildly successful for me! I found it a bit challenging to have a huge quantity of items for the shows, as well as maintain my busy Etsy shop, AND keep a watchful eye on my kids all day. I can only really create after my kids go to bed so time-management has been an issue for me! I would love to do more shows when my kids are school-aged and I would have the time to commit. The positive feedback I received from people was so rewarding!

5- What are your favourite things to do?
My favorite thing to do is to create jewelry that I like to wear! I absolutely LOVE to bead shop -- My adrenaline gets pumping and I get all frenzied over the colors and the ideas just start spinning around in my mind! I'm definitely a beadaholic! My mind is churning with new ideas 24/7 and there are just not enough hours in the day for me to make them tangible so I keep a journal.

6- What inspires you?
I am inspired by the beach & nature. I love bohemian style jewelry and so I try to combine the colors and textures from the beach and incorporate them into my jewelry. And all of my pieces are named by what inspired me to create it. For instance, my 'Malibu' crochet wrap is totally inspired by the colors and feel of my time spent in Malibu. Everything there is soft and muted and very natural... well, except for the celebrities!

7- What is your most popular item?
My most popular items right now are my 'slashKnots Stackers' and leather wraps! slashKnots Stackers are beaded crocheted bracelets meant to stack & layer. I love layering my jewelry and with SO MANY gorgeous beads to show off I like to wear a couple of leather bracelets and 2 to 3 Stackers at all times! I never want to look too matchy-matchy but I like to tie in my accessories with the feel of my wardrobe. They are just so fun & easy to wear :)

8- If you could learn one new craft what would it be?
If I could learn a new craft I would LOVE to learn how to work with sterling silver to create rustic, organic silver beads and charms to incorporate into my pieces. I have bought several hand-stamped personalized pieces from fellow Etsy artists and I would love to be able to create charms to personalize my work.

9- Which handmade possession given to you do you most cherish?
My mother was and forever will be the most talented, artistic, creative person I have ever known. We did so many different projects together ranging from ceramics, sewing, drawing, woodworking... you name it we did it! She embroidered a floral picture that is timeless and absolutely beautiful. She had an amazing eye for color and combining colors in a unique way that just clicked. I know she would be so proud of me and the success of my Etsy shop :)

10- Name 3 other Etsy shops you love to visit.
My favorite Etsy shops are:

Simple Daisy for her unique rustic silver jewelry
Happiknits for her cool bohemian cowls (which I own 4!)
Doloris Petunia for her beyond gorgeous cuff bracelets. One of those cuffs is on my Christmas wish list!

Thank you so much to slash Knots for being my featured favourite Etsy shop this week. I am so excited to feature this shop because I absolutely looooooooove this jewelry. I could favourite every piece. I love the colours, the designs, the simple elegance and the beads in this jewelry. Take a look at this shop and you will surely fall in love with it as well.


simpledaisy said...


That is so lovely:) I love her shop too!!! Fabulous jewelry!!!

Have a super Happy Friday!

Becca said...

Great shop review! Her jewelry is fabulous! Love the necklace with the is one of my favorites :)