Friday, October 1, 2010

Something Fun For Everyone

I recently added something new to Knitted For Ewe. They are hand knitted balls. They are so much fun and quick to make. You can also make them in different sizes.

These ones were knit from some beautiful handspun wool yarn from the Etsy shop Blushing Ewe. This makes them squishy and soft to the touch.

I took some photos with my niece Lilly as the model. She has so much fun with them and so does Victoria. Victoria has a knitted ball of her own and we have made up many fun games with it.

Hopefully people will take a liking to them and I will get a chance to make some more. I think I will make Lilly a couple for her first birthday that is coming up next month.

This red and blue yarn always makes me think of Spiderman because Victoria was into him for a long time. I am really growing quite fond of handspun yarn. It feels more unique and special than regular yarn.

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