Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three New Items

I added two new items to my shop yesterday. The chevron cable wool wristwarmers and the very long scarf you see below you. Yes the scarf is model by the wonderful and talented Megan. The scarf was made a while ago and I thought I would add it to my list of items.

The third new item is on the bottom of this blog page. I had to get a new hit counter for my blog. I like to check and see if anyone has maybe checked out my blog and the counter helps me know if Im am typing to myself or if someone other than me has checked in. I think the counter was about 6,000 last time I checked. I log in today to find the counter was gone. I tried a few tricks but it seems to have disappeared. So off I went to find another one. So if your looking its now at 1 which is really weird. Oh well, a new year and a fresh start. Thats always nice.

The wool cable bag that I am working on is almost to the handle part which is exciting. The pattern came from the Knitting Pattern Calendar I got for Christmas. Well what I am making is based off that. I am changing quite a bit of things to make it my own so it should be interesting how it turns out. Im loving the yarn its made from though. Its Cascade 220 100% peruvian wool in a brown heather. Very soft and easy to work with. This yarn was purchased on our little field trip back in November.

I think after the bag is finished I have to knit another lamb to add to my shop seeing how the little guy has been so popular. I am going to make him in different colours which I seem to have done each time and each time he just looks cuter and cuter.

I also found another knitting blog I like today so Im adding to my blogroll. Its called A Mingled Yarn.

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Jackie said...

I love the chevron cable wristwarmers :O)